Hadees About Adultery (Types)

September 1, 2013


Hazrat Mohammad (Peace be Upon HIM said (kaha):

1) to gaze at a strange (ghair mahram) woman is the Zina (adultery) of the eyes.

Larki ko dekhna ankhon ka zina

2) to listen to passion-stirring words is Zina of the ears.

Us se alfaaz sunna kaano ka zina

3) to converse with a strange women (and derive pleasure therefrom) is Zina of tongue.

Us se baat kr k wahan se lutf hasil krna zaban ka zina

4)to t0uch a strange women is zina of hands.

Uss ko touch krna hathon ka zina

5)to walk towards her is Zina of the feet

us ki traf kadam barhana paun ka zina

6) the heart desires and craves; the sexual organs then either testify to these or deny them.
(Sahih Muslim)

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