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September 4, 2013

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Warid announced new offer of its new Internet Bundle,You can use unlimited Facebook and WhatsApp for just Rs. 0.99 per day. Yup, its so simple and not expensive.
 Easily access Facebook & Whatsapp on your mobile! The process is very simple,No need any application and its settings,

You just have to send SMS and you will avail this offer, You can enjoy unlimited access to Facebook and Whatsapp.
You can do all type of activities on Facebook and Facebook Messenger such as status updates, view News Feed, like pictures, comment on posts,new posts,view your profile,fastly send and reply to texts, view other’s wall or share photos and videos.And other than this,you will get Whatsapp totally free,to connect with all your friends all the time.

  • Process:
    Just write “FW” in create message and send it to “7777” and enjoy Unlimited access to Facebook and Whatsapp


 *Warid Prepaid Customers: Rs. 0.99 per day

*Rs. 1+t will apply on all SMS sent to 7777

*This offer is limited to all Glow and Warid Prepaid Subscribers only

*Any use of proxies or mobile browsers which by default are proxy browsers (e.g Nokia Xpress) may result in data charging.

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